Visiting Paris, the City of Light

Paris, France

Known as the city of light, Paris, France's capital has it all. Few cities on this Earth are as intense and iconic as this major European city. If you were to make a list of the world’s most beautiful cities, Paris, with its unique monuments and charming streets, would always make it into the top ten.

A global center for art, culture, fashion, and gastronomy, being in Paris gives you a beautiful stunning vibe. Whether you are walking in an alley, on the main road or the pavement, there are all sorts of people with an aura of elegance in them. It is the feel of being in the middle of history and modern fashion.

Since the Age of Enlightenment, Paris has been attracting fashionistas, artists, history fans, and writers, all of whom are inspired by the modern culture and the abundance of tourist attractions such as museums, catacombs and grand boulevards. Paris is like no other city on earth. Wide boulevards and the River Seine intersect its 19th-century cityscape
Paris, France
Arc de Triomphe, Paris, France

The uniqueness of Paris casts a spell on the hearts and minds of those who have visited this spectacular city. Most people fall under the charm of the tangled streets, open-air cafés and exciting boat cruises along the Seine. Beyond such landmarks as the Eiffel Tower and the 12th-century, Gothic Notre-Dame cathedral, the city is known for its cafe culture and designer boutiques and with places like its Champs-Élysées, Place des Vosges, Latin Quarter and Montmartre, Paris is the exemplary model for other major world capitals, all claiming their pattern of grand elegance and sophistication.

But where do you start from? Whether you are a first time visitor or your next time, there is so much to see and experience you will find yourself overwhelmed and even a bit overwhelmed. So why don’t you start with this fun book that tells you fun and interesting facts about Paris: you can get it Here.
Paris, France
Louvre, Paris, France

You should plan to travel around Paris using a tour guide or by yourself to visit a lot of iconic places. There are several mysterious unknown places to discover like the underground tunnels catacombs that have bones and skeletons aesthetically placed with the look of a cemetery. The Catacomb is 20 meters below ground and was built in the 12th century with limestones which gives you an eerie feeling.

If you are curious about where to find the best baguettes French bread and pastries around town then you need to walk around the streets of Paris, you are sure to find a lot of delicious baked goods in the bakeries around town.

Traffic in Paris is moderate, but you might feel a little noisy and crowded sometimes. There are cars and scooters crossing each other from the alley and roads even though there are lanes. Overall, it is quite safe to cross the lanes through signals. As a cherry on top, you are sure to find free Wi-Fi around every restaurant and sitting areas so you can communicate easily and upload videos and pictures with your friends.
Paris, France
Sunset over the Seine River

Living in Paris can cost you a fortune so many long term visitors opt for tiny rooms unless you have a lot of money and want to spend your bucks. To get a simple small space, look for French citizens who have lived here for several years and ask for a moderate living place because a big room or an apartment can cost you several Euros, although it all depends on the facility and area. The Champs Elysee is known as the most expensive area SO choose wisely. You can also search for a hostel or Airbnb and book your place there on a prior basis.
Paris, France
Montmartre, Paris, France

In terms of food, Parisian life and Parisian food are both synonymous with each other. Paris has loads of food varieties, and it is rich, colorful, tasty and is made with the best of ingredients.

Paris is a city to which you will fall in love with at first sight and need to return over and over again. Each time you revisit, you will fall a little bit more in love. Parisians are exotic hardworking people and always cheerful. So why don’t you visit the city of Paris and see what best catches your heart.

Have you been to Paris? What do you Love most about Paris?

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  1. I've been to Paris 4 times but have never seen the catacombs. I've heard of them and always wanted to go. Next time I visit Paris, I'll make sure to block off more days to explore. Thanks for this post. Now I'm inspired to plan another Parisian trip :D

  2. Beautiful photos. You really captured the feel of "the city of lights". I haven't been in over 20 years but maybe it's time to head back out :)