The 10 Most Uncommon Hotels in the World

Although many people say traveling is more about the journey than the destination, if you’ve gotten to your destination only to notice that your hotel apartment is small, filthy and far from all the action, It becomes an issue of concern that needs to be addressed personally.

Current trends suggest large amounts of hotels are beginning to make hotels more than just a place to spend a night; they are places to have fun.

Perhaps, you've heard about the Ice hotel in Sweden or even cool spots like the Dog Bark Park in Cottonwood, Idaho. While these hotels are unconventional, here are a few more bizarre hotels you can visit during your next vacation.

1. The Treehouse

This strange masterpiece is a perfect getaway spot for fun and excitement. The Cedar Creek Treehouse is private owned located deep in the woods of Mt. Rainer 50 feet above sea level, situated in a 200-year-old Western Red Cedar tree. It was constructed by its owner, Bill Compher to accommodate around five persons. It hosts exotic bathroom, dining area, kitchen and an observatory that's 100 feet high which gives a magnificent view of the surrounding area. 

While it's safe for kids, children below the age of ten are not permitted inside the tree house. During the day you have a balcony where you can enjoy the pine-scented air and miles and miles of mountain views. The unique house is powered by solar energy with a small gas cooker, but you don’t have to worry about breakfast as that is delivered to your door.

2. The Lighthouse

If you love everything nautical, then make this hotel your destination. While there are quite a handful of lighthouses across the globe that are opened to overnight stays, the Browns Point Lighthouse in Tacoma, Washington gives you access to be more than a guest; you can be the lighthouse keeper while you enjoy your stay.

This 30-foot infrastructure is perched by Commencement Bay and the keepers dwelling was revived in recent times for overnight stays. Guests take part in the keeper program, in which they make use of the lighthouse and hold public tours. This task is designed for a minimum of two persons and a maximum of six persons, making it an excellent learning experience for families.

3. The Romance Train

A romantic train ride may sound like the perfect treat in a movie, but it's not. Get to experience a night ride inside a train car. The Northern Rail Traincar B&B in Two Harbors, Minnesota consists of connected rail cars with 18 guest rooms. ( The Porter Suite sleeps two and includes a dinette and a private bath)

Situated on 160 acres of forested land, ( just about 25 minutes outside of Duluth), you can access Lake Superior and Gooseberry Falls, and engage in outdoor activities like hiking and golfing.

4. Yurt

Have you ever slept in a yurt? Or do you know what a yurt is?

Yurts are circular canvas dwellings made by Mongolian nomads over 2,000 years back. This masterpiece structure can accommodate several persons at once, and it rests sturdily on the ground.
Treebones Resort in Big Sur, California, hosts 16 yurts along the ridge just above the Pacific Ocean, four of which can accommodate families. This resort also hosts some of the most exotic ocean-view rooms in town.  

5. Big Red Barn

The Big Red Barn is just a boat ride from Seattle, located on the Puget Sound. This odd little spot is designed for two. By the way, it's actually a real barn built in the 1890s, and it hosts a small inn. The Big Red Barn offers rare opportunities of excitement. It is inundated by miles of pristine nature (You could even catch the sight of a Bald Eagle).

The famous Victorian seaport of Port Townsend is just 10-minutes walk away, while Fort Worden State Park which hosts gorgeous beaches and plenty of hiking trails is only two minutes away.

 6. The Cave Experience

Cappadocia hosts a myriad of exotic underground hotels, yes, you heard right, underground hotels. Situated in Turkey, just a stone away from the country's capital, Cappadocia hosts these quirk spots, one of which is the Gamirasu Cave Hotel, situated in a restored, thousand-year-old Byzantine monastic retreat. It hosts 18 exotic rooms, some of which were originally monk cells cut into the cave or built with volcanic rock.

7. Sleeping in Drainpipes.

Sleeping in a drainpipe seems as odd as it sounds. Daspark Hotel in Lintz brings this odd reality to life. Located in Austria, Daspark Hotel comprises of three concrete drainpipes in the middle of a park each consisting of a small room built for two persons, showers, small storage space, and even power outlets.
You don't need to feel bothered about sleeping in a public park as the drainpipes can only be accessed with a safety code.  The best part about this quirky spot is, you get to determine your rates.  

8. Underground Hotel

The sandstone of Coober Pedy in Australia hosts The Desert Cave Hotel, a perfect getaway spot that's filled with opal mines and a myriad of odd places that makes a vacation experience unforgettable. The hotel hosts  19 underground rooms and about 30 rooms above ground offering a perfect blend of choices to pick from. Also underground are casinos, shops for artistic materials like locally mined opals and Aboriginal arts and crafts.

9. Undersea lodge

Sleeping underwater is fast becoming a new trend as both China and Dubai are pioneering this experience. China projects to have its land-based HydroTower.

While this underwater hotel is actually a research lab in Key Largo, Florida, it is open for visits to regular landlubbers. To access this hotel, you have to scuba dive your way in as this is the only way in. If you can't scuba dive like a PRO, then this is a perfect opportunity as you'll be given all the necessary training. 

 10. Street Jail turn Hotel

A " REAL " prison experience can be gotten in Karosta Prison in Latvia. Located in Liepaja ( About 3 hours west of Riga), The Karosta Prison was a Soviet Union detention facility famous as the prison that nobody escaped from.

Today, Karosta Prison is open for visits for just $16 per night. Here you have a chance to spend the night in a prison; Visitors get to play the role of prisoners, complete with ex-Soviet military guards giving orders, ordering one another around. The Karosta Prison also features cold iron beds and toilets that remain uncomfortably close to their original state and to have a prison meal.

Know about some other unusual hotels? Tell me about them in the comment section.

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  1. I absolutely love the tree house idea of a hotel! How amazing would that be, being around nature. And the caves, the underground hotel, looks and sounds amazing. I'm not too sure about the drainpipes though, I like the idea but not sure that one is for me, as much as I'd love to visit Austria. I wouldn't say never to the idea of drainpipes though! Great post. :)

  2. Whoa - so many great options here! Pinning this to refer back to. I love the cave experience. We once stayed in a shipping container Airbnb - that was pretty uncommon!

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