Should You Visit Niagara Falls?

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Niagara Falls is renowned as one of the top tourist destinations in the United States and Canada. It remains an irresistible travel destination for travelers from around the world. Why you may ask? The journey to this falls is not quite convenient to any major U.S. city which means visitors to the US will need at least two days to to visit Niagara falls.

While it may be a daunting task to visit Niagara, it offers a blend of unique cultural experiences. There are interesting vacation points within the area. Aside from the rugged terrain and tedious task of setting at least a couple of days to visit Niagara Falls, the climatic condition is almost unfriendly round the year. Precipitation occurs throughout the area round the year and during winter season its tough.

Why all these hassles to visit a vacation destination, you may be inclined to ask. It's simple, excellent P.R.

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Across the world, Niagara Falls is known as a must-see travel spot. Recently, I connected with my friend who's from Taiwan and asked if he was acquainted with Niagara Falls prior to emigrating to the U.S. He gave a shocking revelation, not only did he know about Niagara, he learnt about the falls while in grade four. He went on to provide details that lots of Asians back home saw Niagara Falls as one of the most places one must visit in North America.

The falls reputation is also remarkable across Europe. It's often compared with the Great Walls of China or the Taj Majal, of China and India respectively.

Niagara Falls has an enduring reputation. Perhaps, it's because it doesn't disappoint. Views from the falls itself is breath-taking. Not only this, the famous Maid of the Mist cruise takes tourists directly through the falls. The serene around the falls' surrounding cities leaves unforgettable experiences. Ontario, the native town of Niagara Falls is renowned for its allure and beauty.

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A walk along Queen Victoria Park just along the falls on the Canadian side provides an exhilarating experience you can't shake off. The pristine view from the Canadian side gives a sense to what it would feel like visiting the falls before it became famous as a travel and vacation spot.

I conducted a survey by speaking with forty persons that had visited the falls in recent times. I performed this survey talking to people I randomly chose, and the results were pretty much interesting. (most of the people there emigrated from outside the U.S., or they had chosen the area as their new home ) They ranged from young adults to retirees, most of who travelled from places around the world, most of who visited the spot during a tour.

Here's a summary of the feedback i got:

Was the falls worth visiting?

A resounding yes. Majority of the respondents acknowledged that the trip from their cities was lengthy, but only a few persons seemed to bother about the distance. Many persons I spoke with commented about how they enjoyed visiting the countryside and basking in the euphoria of the warmth the area provides.

Individuals that included a trip to Niagara Falls as part of a tour of Canada anticipated a long journey and were expected to worry less. Just one person showed displeasure. He simply said he wasn't impressed given the long distance he travelled.

 Most recommended attractions?

The Maid of the Mist boat cruise is remarkably glorious. The boat cruise was highlighted by many people as the best way to tour the area for individuals who had trouble going to the Canadian side because of visa re-entry issues. The Cave of the Winds tour elevator takes visitors from the bottom of the falls; this activity proved exciting for individuals who wanted an alternative to the boat ride.

The helicopter tour proved exciting, although just a single person in my survey took this tour.

My survey about nighttime illumination of the falls gave mixed feedback, while some persons found it amazing, a few other individuals found it less exciting. A few travelers who visited with kids recommended a trip to the fall's surrounding town, Ontario as it hosts lots of pleasurable sites that are sure to please kids.

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How long should one stay?

This question attracted different answers. While some individuals felt a few hours was more than adequate to tour the falls, not a single person suggested staying in the area beyond two days

When should you go?

This question poses a challenge. As expected, Niagara falls records a high number of visitors during the summer. Some who visited in the winter season spoke about the magnificent sight of the falls surrounded by ice. These individuals spoke about their regret of not been able to take the Maid of the Mist boat ride as it stops running in October.

From the opinion of the winter visitors I spoke with, visiting the falls during the winter season requires some preparation against the cold weather condition.

Some travelers recommended visiting during the fall to enjoy the foliage in Upstate New York along the way.

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Conclusively, many of the participants in this survey saw the Niagara Falls as an excellent getaway destination. To make the most of a trip to the fall, make some time to visit Toronto and spend the weekend, whether you're visiting from Boston or New York. Chances are you'll be thrilled if you visit prepared for the weather conditions. Also, plan to stay just a couple of days and shed high expectations about tourist attractions outside of those related to the falls.

Have you been to Niagara falls? What do you think?

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