Top Recliners for Back Pain

At one point or the other in life, we all tend to have body pains due to our age and jobs. Back pain is quite common and inevitable. It can be either minor or chronic which can be discomforting and painful.

You can tackle back pain medically using several medications. However, back pains can also be relieved by some other ways such as the use of recliner chairs. Recliner chairs help in no small measure to alleviate back pains. As bizarre as it might sound, apart from the luxury offered by recliner chairs, they also help to discharge stress and relieve back pains.

Recliners are sofas or armchairs that sink when the user reduces the back of the chair and elevates its front. Recliner chairs possess backrests, which the user can tilt backwards, and most times, a footrest, which can be extended with the aid of a lever beside the chair or can be extended automatically once the back is lowered – Wikipedia.

What you should consider in choosing the best recliner for back pains

Some of the factors you should consider in choosing the best recliner for back pain are listed below:

Your choice of style

Your style matters in the selection of your recliner chair. You should identify the colour and pattern that best suits you.

Available space

Picking the best recliner chair is more than just the patterns and colours. In the process of seeking the best recliner chair for back pain, you should consider the available space in choosing your recliner chair.

Some of the best recliner chairs for back pains are:

Flash Furniture Plush Brown Leather Lever Rocker Recliner with Padded Arms– super relieves back pains


The Flash Furniture Plush Leather Rocker Recliner provides an incredible level of relaxation. The package has a plush cushion, with back pads that are neatly furnished to provide a level of comfort for the users. Also, it retains extra cushion pads for armrests which make it costlier than other back pain recliner chairs.

You can get a lot of recliner chairs in the market, but the type that will effectively relieve your back pain is the Flash Furniture Plush Leather Rocker Recliner. It is specially designed to offer an awesome level of relaxation. The recliner is a Rocker type; that means the user can tilt it forward and backwards. The placid back and forth rocking feature makes it perfect for both young and old. Furthermore, the recliner retains a lever which is used to recline the chair back in various angles that suit the users’ needs. You can get this awesome recliner chair here


· Awesome Rocker feature

· It has great Leather, Soft to maximize comfort

· Furnished pads for armrests

· Bustle back cushion

· Lever recliner


· It is stuffed with more cushion pads for more comfort and relaxation.

· A compact set that provides reclining and rocking at an affordable price.

· It is wide and can put up various people irrespective of their size.


· Not certain if the material is leather as it starts breaking and peeling after some time.

· It looks a little harder to recline than it should be.

· Users find it difficult to control the footrests and rocking controls.

Divano Roma Furniture – Classic Plush Power Lift Recliner Living Room Chair – fantastic back pain reliever

The Divano Roma Furniture – Classic Plush Power Lift Recliner Living Room Chair is a recliner living room chair that provides its users with great relaxation and comfort. This recliner comes along with a unique feature, which gives room for easy rise from the sitting position. The Divano Roma Furniture – Classic Plush Power Lift Recliner Living Room Chair gives the highest quality of luxury and comfort for its users.

This recliner is stuffed with soft textured velvet fabric and an exceptional design to fully recline in order to provide outstanding comfort and satisfy the needs of the customers. In contrast to some other reclining chairs, it has a powerlift, which allows the chair to conveniently rise from its sitting position. It also possesses softened footrest and armrest to allow full comfort and relaxation. In addition, the user can control the chair with a remote handset that makes it more convenient to enjoy the various features of the chair without much effort. You can get this awesome recliner chair here


· It has a remote controlled reclining and lifting mechanism.

· Unforced power lift that allows easy rise from sitting position

· Padded with soft textured velvet fabric to ensure maximum comfort.

· Designed to recline fully through a silent motor and provide maximum comfort

· Padded footrests and armrests to maximize comfort


· Awesome piece of furniture and very affordable.

· It is readily available.

· Provides maximum comfort and very effective for back pains

· Remote control feature makes it easier to use the furniture


· The chair is small and not the best option for tall people

· It cannot be reclined in several positions

· Sometimes the back does not fully recline


Mac Motion Oslo Collection Recliner with Matching Ottoman in Black Top Grain Leather – user friendly

Are you thinking of getting the best out of a reclining chair? If yes, then you should think of buying the Mac motion Oslo collection recliner with matching ottoman in black top grain leather. This reclining chair guarantees the user’s maximum comfort whenever it is used.

With its unique handle, you can recline the chair through all angles that suit you. Moreover, it has a 360 degree swivel feature that makes it easy for users to adjust the chair, and stabilize it. It comes with an ottoman which goes along with its design, and makes it more convenient for the user to fully stretch the body. Finally, this chair is covered with cushioned and plush Top-Grain leather to make best use of support and comfort. You can get this awesome recliner chair here

· 360 degree swivel for stable setting

· Uniquely designed handle which allows reclining through any angle

· Lumbar support

· Paired with a matching ottoman

· Top-Grain leather to match the Merlot wood frame finishing


· Easy to assemble and use

· Beautiful combination of strong leather, rigid wooden frame and maximum comfort

· An all-in-one package available at an affordable rate.


· Vertical incline cannot be adjusted

· Leather starts to peel off after some time

· Upright position a little tilted backwards


No doubt, it is very easy to get any chair but recliner chairs comes with special designs and engineering features to provide maximum comfort. Above are some of the best recliner chairs, and the major factors to consider in choosing them. Hope you found this helpful.

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