Do you have an Idiot for a Soulmate?

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So many times, we find ourselves thinking about soulmates; where my soulmate is? Am I with my soul mate? Is he or she my soul mate?

First of all, what is the meaning of a soulmate?  Most people believe it is when you have found “The One.” That person who completes you and shares your ideas, attitudes, beliefs; in a nutshell- the person with whom you are most compatible.

Where do we get this idea that we are somehow not complete unless we are connected to someone else?  Think of all the relationships you had and thought this was “The one.”  How many “The Ones” are out there for you? Is there a special person for you or are we just looking desperately for a part of ourselves that is our Christ self? Are we looking desperately for a love that is perfect but not realistic as nobody can love you better than the creator of the universe?

The rate of divorce around the world is presently climbing at an alarming rate, why? I think it’s because of expectations we have that cannot be fulfilled by a mere human but a God. Our patience is on a short leash, and we lash out immediately we are hurt. It is painful to be betrayed by someone you love but have you been perfect yourself? I think not!
love, soulmates, karma

When I hear the word "soulmate," I shudder, especially when  I remember some people in my past that I have considered to be my soulmates.  According to The Buddha, the people who I’ve come across in my life have crossed my path to teach me and are probably people who I’ve hurt in my past life and are in this lifetime for me to learn a lesson and grow.

Well, sometimes I wonder how many lessons?

Unfortunately, it often takes some soul mates to teach us a lesson

Some people believe just because they feel a strong connection to a person then they think that they have found their soulmate.
But that connection may not have anything to do with spirituality at all; it might be lust or even a sense of déjà vu when you meet someone new. That doesn’t make him your soul mate, if not I’m sure we would have lots of soulmates.

 It is also sad when people often use the term soulmate as an excuse to stay in an abusive relationship; they feel this is a karmic situation which has to be endured and paid for. NO!
love, soulmates, karma

When it comes to soulmates, I believe Oprah's theory "that everybody is your soul mate."

A soul mate does not have to be someone you have sex with; -- a soul mate can also be a relative, a child, a co-worker or even just a good friend.

I remember when I was actually in my teenage years, crazy over this guy and I told my dad” He is the One.” My father replied if you went to Japan you would also find “The One,” if you traveled to Spain or any other country, you would find “The One” there too.

One of the dangers of getting sexually and emotionally involved with someone who we believe was heaven-sent by God, or who we think of as "an angel on earth" is that we often become over-attached to them and have trouble breaking the connection.

Do you also Observe how anyone you break up with doesn't qualify as a soulmate, but someone who dumped you automatically makes the mark? Ironically, most people describe the last person who dumped them as their true soulmate and give excuses for them. If they were truly “The one” and your soulmate, then why did they leave? Why didn't they stay to build a future with you? Oh right, your soulmate was an idiot that’s why he doesn’t know he’s your soulmate.

It's O.K. to admit your soulmate is an idiot. Nothing like a bit of humor to spice your day and dissolve bad karma.

What do you think about soulmates?

love, soulmates, karma

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  1. What a great article. What you said about everyone being your "soulmate" is so true. It's easy to get wrapped up in the idea that your "soulmate" is perfect when you tell yourself that he is the only one for you. Like no, he's going to disappoint you just as much as you're going to disappoint him in some area's just like you said. Totally think we need to get away from that "perfect match" mentality and adapt one that puts logic at the forefront of relationships.Loved reading this!!

  2. So true.I'm glad you liked it ☺