94 Free Online Tools Small Businesses Should Be Using

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Running a small business successfully is no small feat. In today's technology driven world, there are free online tools small businesses can use to simplify and boost their business to bring about maximum output. These free online tools cut across various sectors and can assist you with organizing, administering and maintaining your business.
 Without much ado and after researching extensively, here are 94 free online tools every small business should be using to boost your online business.

Tools to improve your Content

Due to improved technology, we have an array of writing tools that can make your communication through writing even better. No matter your struggle in creating well-written content, here are some free online tools to enhance your productivity.

Free online tools, small business, small businesses, online marketing

1.      Grammarly: Grammarly is an English language writing- improvement tool. Grammarly's has plagiarism-detection and proofreading resources to assess more than 250 grammar rules.

2.      BuzzSumo: Buzzsumo is a great online tool that lets any user find out trending topics.

3.      oTranscribe: a transcription app that is web-based and free, oTranscribe helps you convert a recorded or live speech into a written document or text.

4.      ContentGems: ContentGems aids marketers to organize and share interesting content to increase website traffic.

5.      Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator: This content idea generator helps you construct blog post titles that will garner attention.

6.      Content Strategy Helper: Combine trending news around the web, and discover ideas for your research topics easily and quickly.

7.      Copyscape – Helps you scour the web for duplicate copies of your content.

8.      Google Alerts: Google Alerts is a powerful tool to keep track of interesting topics, trends, or anything new across the web.

9.      Delicious: is a social bookmarking web service for sharing, storing and detecting web bookmarks.

10.  Wridea: Wridea manages your ideas easily by adding and creating groups for users to brainstorm, collaborate, and pool their ideas collectively.

11.  Portent Title Generator: a free online title generator which helps you create catchy titles for your blog.

12.  Emaze: emaze is an online presentation platform used to create, handle, and distribute presentations making online presentations stand out.

13.  Poetica: Poetica through its editing tools helps your team write better, it tracks changes and enables you to see who changed what.

14.  Answer the public: Discover what queries and questions your consumers have by getting a free report of what they're searching for in YouTube and Google.

15.  Prezi: Helps you craft publicly visible presentations that you can use and collaborate with on their website.

16.  Word Counter: The online free word counter tool helps you quickly count characters, words, and keyword density.

17.  Online-Convert: This free online tool Convert media files from one format to another.

18.  Doc 2 PDF:  Convert Word documents to PDF docs online.

19.  Draft: Aids you by maintaining versions of your written content online and work together with other writers.


There's nothing more wonderful than a free SEO tool. If you want to work smarter, not harder in your business, then these free online SEO tools are for you.  

Free online tools, small business, small businesses, online marketing

20.  Google Trends: Shows you the trending topics you require.

21.  Side-by-Side SEO Comparison Tool: This free online marketing tool helps you run a comparative SEO analysis on two web pages, for example, your website and a competitor page then reveal possible opportunities to improve your page content.

22.  Ubersuggest: Ubersuggest keyword tool is used as free keyword tool to perform keyword research and much more.

23.  On Page Optimization Tool: Examines your web page for indicated keywords and reviews the data picked up by search engines.

24.  SEO Toolbar: Draws useful marketing data from websites to help you understand a site’s SEO ranking.

25.  Google Keyword Planner: The Keyword Planner helps advertisers to get through the process of generating new ad groups and ad campaigns

26.  Smallseotools: SmallSeoTools is a complete set of over 59 free online tools to help online marketers.

Audio & Video

Web application for creating audio and video files are necessary as they can be accessed easily.  With a web browser that connects to the Internet, you can easily use these free online multimedia editors to get your photos and audio files on the go. Here’s a list of free audio and video tools you can use easily and quickly online.

Free online tools, small business, small businesses, online marketing

27.  Screencast-O-Matic:  This is a free webcam and screen recorder to capture video from your computer screen and share.

28.  Vocaroo: Vocarro is used for online voice recording and to share online. 

29.   PowToon: PowToon is a Do-It-Yourself animated presentation online tool used for producing animated explainer videos and animated presentations.

30.  WeVideo: WeVideo is used for creating and editing videos online.

31.   Animoto: Animoto is used to create video from video clips, photos,  and music into impressive video slideshows.

32.  Audacity: Audacity is a free, online multi-track audio recorder and editor.

File Storage

Online file storage tools help to easily store, upload or share any file or folder in minutes saving you time and organizing your work.  With these free online file storage tools, you can quickly retrieve your files and work in any location or computer.

Free online tools, small business, small businesses, online marketing

33.  Dropbox: Dropbox is a free online tool to store your photos, videos, docs, and files which can be accessed from anywhere.

34.  Google Drive: Google Drive store files in the cloud, it synchronizes and shares files across devices.

35.  Amazon S3: Amazon Simple Storage Service is designed to store and access any amount of information, from anyplace on the web.

36.  Box: Box provides cloud storage management and file hosting for businesses and personal accounts and businesses.

Project Management

You need tools for your business that can help you manage your projects, and luckily some online project management tools help you to do that for free.  Although some of them aren’t completely free, they offer freemium versions you can use for your small business.

Free online tools, small business, small businesses, online marketing

37.  Trello:  Trello organizes your tasks to enable you to collaborate with your colleagues, friends, or family.

38.  Asana:  Asana is designed to improve team collaboration by allowing users manage tasks and projects online without using email.

39.  Evernote:  Evernote is an application that works as your note taker, pocket notebook, PDA, to-do list, etc. it also syncs automatically across all your devices.

40.  Convo: Convo is an online platform for work conversations to help large teams collaborate.

 Email Management

 Emails are one of the ways we communicate with several people in our lives, quite often we get regularly barraged by new emails, and it's worrying to know that we might be missing out on the truly vital stuff amongst the stream of less important stuff. Fortunately, there are a lot of free online tools for email management that can help us get more organized. Use these tools to a more productive email experience.

Free online tools, small business, small businesses, online marketing

41.  Wise Stamp: Incorporates an email signature into your outgoing emails.

42.  MailTester.com: With this tool, you can check an e-mail address to verify if it exists or if there are issues with it.

43.  Unroll.Me: Unroll.me manages your inbox by unsubscribing from annoying email subscriptions, discovering new ones and organizing them all in one place.

44.  Boomerang for Gmail:  Boomerang for Gmail helps you take control of  when you receive and send email messages

45.  Email Formatting Tool:  This free formatting tool formats text to an indicated column width while maintaining the original paragraph endings.

46.  WeTransfer: WeTransfer is the easiest way to send your files around the world.

47.  Rapportive:  Rapportive scours the web to gather social media profiles for accounts linked to an email.

48.  FollowUpThen: An email reminder tool that sends follow up emails.

Web Design

Here’s a list of free online web design tools that  you can use in your business to make your work effective and more efficient

Free online tools, small business, small businesses, online marketing

49.  ColorHexa: ColorHexa.com provides information about any color and generates harmonizing color palettes for your designs

50.  GTmetrix: This free online tool analyzes your page's speed performance.

51.  WhatTheFont!: Upload an image to WhatTheFont to discover the nearest matches in their database.

52.  Browser Shots: Find out how your public site performs across a selection of devices and standard browsers.

53.  Color.HailPixel: The Color Hailpixel is a huge resource to help you with your color scheme.

54.  ColorCombos: Use the Combo Library to discover or create the ideal website color schemes.

55.  Wordmark.it: Wordmark.it assists you to choose fonts by rapidly displaying your text with your fonts.

56.  Check My Colours: Use this online tool to analyze the color contrast and modify your web pages.

57.  PageSpeed Insights: Google PageSpeed Insights is a handy online tool that examines your site's front-end performance and recommends optimization suggestions.

58.  BrowserStack: BrowserStack is an online testing tool that allows developers to test their websites across several browsers on different mobile devices and operating systems.

59.  WhatWordPressThemeIsThat: This tool analyzes and displays information about a WordPress theme and its plugins.

Social Media

Use this free online social media management tools to keep your profiles functioning and relevant.

Free online tools, small business, small businesses, online marketing

60.  Pocket: When you discover something you want to view later, keep it in Pocket.

61.  TweetDeck: Use TweetDeck to monitor and manage multiple accounts and streams, in a single interface. 

62.  Pin Count: Assists you discover the number of times a post/page on your site has been pinned on Pinterest.

63.  Bitly: Bitlyis used shortens links for use in social networking, email, and SMS.

64.  Social Crawlytics: Helps you discover social influencers in your niche and their most-shared content.

65.  SharedCount: Track likes, Social URL shares, and more.

66.  Social Mention:  Use Social Mention to discover and analyze what people are saying about you. 

67.   Feedly: Feedly accumulates news feeds from a number of online sources. It collects, RSS feeds.

68.  Followerwonk: Followerwonk helps you explore and discover more about your influencers in your niche and followers on Twitter.


There are a lot of free online graphics tools that help take marketing up to another level in small businesses. Here are some online tools you can use, from templates to online photo editors for creating visual content don't cost a dime. 

Free online tools, small business, small businesses, online marketing

69.  Canva: Use Canva's professional layouts and drag-and-drop feature to design.

70.  Easel.ly: Easel.ly  features thousands of free design objects and infographic templates to create and share visual ideas online.

71.  Patternizer: Patternizer helps you create lovely and even complex patterns in seconds

72.  Infogr.am: Infogr.am is used to create infographics and charts that will amaze your audience.

73.  iCharts:  iCharts  provides an affordable and easy online service for interactive chart creation and social sharing

74.  Awesome Screenshot:  snaps a screenshot of a portion or an entire web page.

75.  MW Snap: MWSnap is an excellent Windows program for capturing images from designated parts of the screen

76.  PicResize: this tool is used to shrink, resize, and crop your pictures

77.  Visual.ly: Visual.ly is an online tool for exploring and sharing Infographics 

78.  Wordle: Creates word clouds from text you provide.


Here are some of the best around. Here are some of the best free analytics tools online. A lot of these tools also offer a subscription, but you’ll be stunned at the value you get using the free plans alone.

Free online tools, small business, small businesses, online marketing

79.  Pingdom: Pingdom alerts you of any website issues.

80.  Google Analytics: Google Analytics tracks and give details of website traffic.

81.  Uptime Robot: Uptime Robot helps you to keep your websites up by monitoring it.

82.  Piwik: provides comprehensive reports on your website and its visitors

83.  StatCounter: StatCounter gathers details about your website visitors.


These best free online productivity tools help to make better use of your brief time while working.

Free online tools, small business, small businesses, online marketing

84.  Todoist: Todoist organizes work tasks, school work, personal lives, and everything in between to enable you to achieve the most important goals.

85.  LeechBlock: A Firefox extension add-on that restricts access to indicated websites during your working hours.

86.  Wunderlist: Wunderlist is an easy, well designed and simple-to-use task management tool.

87.  Tomato Timer: TomatoTimer is an easy to use and flexible online Pomodoro Technique Timer.

88.  Toggl:  This tool keeps track of how much time you devote to each task during your work day.

89.  Dayboard: Dayboard is a helps you focus on your most important tasks by restricting your to do list to 5 tasks per day. 


With the right software and tech, you can run your business comfortably from your home or a working environment.  If you need free online apps for communication and collaboration, use these tools

Free online tools, small business, small businesses, online marketing

90.  Skype: Skype is an instant messaging app that provides video chat service  and online text messages 

91.  Google Hangouts: Hangouts permits conversations between two or more users through the Gmail, Google+ websites, or through mobile apps available for IOS and Android.

92.  Yugma: Yugma is a great online tool for meetings or group training.

93.  HipChat: HipChat is file sharing, group chat, screen sharing  and video chat built for teams.

94.  GoToMeeting: This online app enables you to conduct an online audio/video meeting with screen-sharing for up to 9 participants.

I hope these free online tools will be useful to you as much as they have been to me, do you have any particular tool you like and plan to use? 

free online tool, online marketing, small business, small businesses

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