70 Packing Advice for Travelers

packing advice for travelers

We all know how stressful it is to pack when traveling, oh! The many options and decisions to make on what to take or not, so I am going to help you make your travel packing experience easy by sharing these packing advice and tips with you! With these travel basics and practical tools, you are sure to gain lots of information to make your next trip packing easier.
packing advice for travelers

Packing advice for comfortable flight

1.     Carry earplugs, medicines, a light scarf, a sleeping mask, and small scissors! Also take lip balm, a notepad.

2. If you travel often, keep the essentials in your backpack. It helps saves time.

3. Always take a scarf with you because it has so many uses. You can use it to cover up or if it’s cold, to sit on, and so much more.

4. Always have a little toiletry bag with moisturizer, eye drops, sanitizer, and aspirin.
packing advice for travelers

Packing advice for Travel Bags

5.     Use colored packing cubes to categorize your clothes. It makes it easier to quickly pull out the sweaters, pants or shirts bag without scattering everywhere.

6. Instead of expensive travel towels, get a sarong. Not only is it cheaper, but they also dry easier and are light to carry and even use for sunbathing or picnics.

7. Take some see-through plastic bags when traveling to keep wet or dirty clothes separate from clean clothes or to keep dirty shoes, yo generally keep your travel bag organized.

8. Always take a few plastic bags in different sizes. They have lots of uses

9. Have a small portable cooler with a baggie packed with ice from the hotel to refrigerate something or keep your food fresh.

10. Always carry a clean, huge garbage bag in your backpack’s top pocket in case of a downpour or any other uses.

11. Ziploc bags! Very important to keep from shampoo to toothpaste in Ziploc bags to prevent them from damaging electronics or clothes.

12. Also, pack your vitamins and supplements in small Ziploc bags

13. Separate all your liquid items from the rest of your things. By keeping them in bags so that if it spills or gets broken, it won't ruin your entire wardrobe!

14. Make use of compression bags to arrange your clothes. They help to save space and waterproof your valuables when you travel.
Packing advice for travelers

Travel Packing Advice

15.  Roll your items instead of folding them to take up less space.

16. Heed this advice: remove half of what you were going to take because most likely you’re not going to need it.

17. If you use contact lenses, take an extra pair

18. Pack a pair of underwear and glasses in a carry on in the case of delayed luggage.

19. Have some elastic bracelets as they can be used to hold small items together and double as hairbands too.

20. Take packs of mini tissues.

21. Use few sheets of tissue paper to roll up anything that can get wrinkled.

22. Ensure your suitcase can strap your clothes down tightly. This helps in straightening out your clothes.
packing advice for travelers

Packing Advice for Families

23.   Layer lots of clothes for kids, it cuts the need to pack lots of warm clothes and makes it easy to moderate their level of warmth.

24. Having several long sleeve t-shirts and short sleeve are more space-friendly than lugging extra coats, for example.

25. Your kids, will more often need fewer toys than you think, especially the toddlers. They will be so excited and engrossed with the journey to be so preoccupied with toys

26. When packing, roll everything to give you more space.

27. Use airtight, vacuum-sealed, and waterproof space bags for each individual to compress clothes and protect the fabric from liquid spills plus more importantly to easily to separate everyone’s belongings.

28. Have the kids pack and carry their items. If they want to buy any clothing along the way, they know they have to carry it themselves.

29. Carry more dark fabrics as it needs less washing, shows fewer stains and shows less wear.

30. Packing advice for dogs: Take along your dog’s pillows and blankets plus a few toys that scent like home. It helps keep them calm and well-behaved.
packing advice for travelers

Packing Advice for Fashionistas

31.   Pack mostly blue or black clothes or jeans then add color with accessories and scarves.

32. Leave the heels if it isn’t necessary.

33. Always carry the right bras. Take one one sexy bra, one everyday bra, and one sports bra if it’s a short trip.

34. Pack more jeans if you like them. You’ll probably wear them every day on the road.

35. Remember to use packing cubes

36. discard the hiking boots. Except you’re going to do some serious hiking, instead use a much lighter shoe

37. Bring a black or brown dress and tops with you. These are “safe” colors that can be worn anywhere, anytime.

38. Carry one high-heeled shoe helps, particularly if you need to attend an official event.

39. Do not keep all your tampons in one place.

40. Take cotton tops and avoid bulky clothes if you’re going to a tropical country

41. bring the most comfortable and simple shoes you can find

42. Always, always have heels and a posh frock in case you need to dress up.

43. Always travel with at least one scarf. It is multifunctional and takes up no space.

44. Fight last minute impulses to pack extras t-shirts.

45. Have 30 minutes spare time before you depart for the airport to revise what you’ve put in your travel bag. Try to take at least three items out.

46. Put half of the clothes you intend to take away!

47. Take twice the amount of underwear that you feel you’ll need. A girl can never have too many clean pairs.

48. If traveling to Asia, always have a scarf with you. It’s perfect for cold places and temples in case your outfit isn’t appropriate.

49. Bring multipurpose clothing that you can reuse in several ways

packing advice for travelers

Packing Advice for Everyone

50.  Always Leave space in your suitcase for purchases and souvenirs you get during travel.

51. If you are going on a short trip: take your old underwear and discard them after you wear it.

52. You can pack jewelry and underwear in your shoes.

53. Don’t neglect the duct tape. There are a million, and one uses for it.

54. Travel with a natural health kit.

55. Essential oils are perfect for natural first-aid, to fight off bacteria and germs and they smell great.

56. Bring a thread and needle to quickly patch up your clothing

57. Bring a dry bag to store and protect and your valuables!

58. Take a hypoallergenic pillow case to cover unpleasant pillows, and a sleep sheet to protect you from nasty bed linens.

59. Buy a universal adaptor. It saves money and gives you more travel flexibility

60. Keep clothing simple with lots of blacks. It 's hard to stain and goes with everything

61. To get your stuff easier, Buy a backpack that isn’t a top loader

62. Always have a list of all the items you need for a weekend trip or vacation overseas.

63. Carry a travel clothesline. It’s so convenient If you’ll be hand-washing your clothes while traveling.

64. Always have a notebook with a pen added to it.

65. Always bring your eye masks or ear plugs. You will appreciate them in hostels.

66. Always have a condom in a spot that’s easily reachable.

67. Always have extra money at hand.

68. Always Check the weather forecast before packing

69. Carry along two extra padlocks for bags, lockers, etc.

70. Take a bunch of yummy snacks in your carry on.

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