How to use more of your brain

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Your brain is a muscle; you need to exercise it regularly, do you know that? The most astonishing thing is that all you need to is to invest a little time to train your brain regularly. With regular training and the right balance of exercise, meditation, diet and recreation we would be more creative, sensitive, productive and meet our full potential.

Luckily here are some simple ways to increase your brain power and improve your intelligence.

1. Exercise Regularly

brain, memory, thinking, exercise

Regular exercise enhances neurogenesis and improves brain function, while every time you exercise you create new brain cells so start moving and exercise more.

2. Think Positive.

brain, memory, thinking, meditation

Research has shown that positive thinking speeds up the creation of new cells and stress and anxiety kill existing brain neurones. So eliminate those negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones.

3. Healthy Eating.

brain, memory, thinking, healthy eating

Our diets play an important part in brain functioning. Feed your brain with good foods with nutrients rich in vitamins, fruits and vegetables and omega-3 because your brain consumes over 20% of all nutrients and oxygen we consume.

4. Sleep more.

brain, memory, thinking, sleep

Sleep is essential for your brain because it acts like a mini-detox and this is the time your body regenerates cells and removes all toxins. Try to get enough sleep as this helps more.

5. Do something you have never done before.

brain, memory, thinking

When you do something new or go for an adventure or experience something new you stimulate your brain, you can do simple things like playing a new game, try out a new recipe or even a new form of exercise.

6. Question Everything.

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Be curious, try as much as possible to avoid taking everything at face value, by doing this, you force your brain to become innovative and create new ideas. Curiosity is significant in solving and thinking out new solutions to problems

7. Train your memory

brain, memory, thinking

You can do this by disciplining yourself to memorise numbers especially phone numbers, credit card numbers and any other important numbers to you. if you do this; you would certainly see an improvement in your memory

8. Read more.

brain, memory, thinking

Reading is essential because it relieves stress and tension and also forces your brain to imagine a scenario that you read in a book. Learning triggers imagination and is very relaxing.

9. Avoid neurotoxins

brain, memory, thinking, neurotoxins

Certain food additives, chemicals and pollution slow down the functioning of the brain.

10. Brainstorm

brain, memory, thinking

Use your brain to make its connections before starting any project in other to stimulate the brain and bring up new ideas

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