How to Save Over 50% on Your Next Vacation

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Did you know you can have a 7-day cruise for half the price?
Or Tour Europe for 15 days for only $2,000 per person including hotels, airfare, car rental and meals?
If you follow the following steps, you can save well over 50% in travel expenses.

1. Travel during the off-peak or low season.
Travel, Travelling, Vacation, discount, family, tourist

Choosing to go on vacation during off-peaks or low seasons, will save you lots of cash on airfare, cruises, car rental, hotels and more.
If you want to spend much less generally the best dates to travel are between:
February – May,
September - the week prior to Thanksgiving,
December 1st – 15th
For example, a 7-day cruise in the Caribbean can cost as low as $495 during the low season but as high as around $1,000 during winter or summer.
A ticket to Europe can cost as low as $395 round-trip during low season but between $800-$1,200 during high season.

2. Check Special Internet Rates
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Most airlines, car rentals and hotels have Special Internet Rates that usually are not available through a travel agent or by contacting the airline hotel or car rental company by phone. You'll find that you can get around 10 - 25% discount by booking online.

3. Hotels
Travel, Travelling, Vacation, discount, family, tourist, hotel

Hotel rates are lower during the low season.
When it comes to hotels, look for 3-star hotels that will offer most features you need at a reduced price than 4 or more star hotels. You should have in mind that 3-star hotels are smaller, but you can get very good hotels for a wonderful price.
Also, have it at the back of your mind that hotels that are very close to local attractions will be more expensive than the ones located 2 or 3 blocks away.

4. Major Attractions and Places to Visit
Travel, Travelling, Vacation, discount, family, tourist, major attractions

Make a list of the attractions and places you want to visit and do some research on them. Find out about the locations, schedules, special events, etc. You'll discover that there are certain dates in the year that they will have great discounts and even free admission.

5. Restaurants
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Don't go to tourist-oriented restaurants. Instead, ask locals to recommend small or family-owned restaurants. Not only will you pay less but the service and the food quality will be much better.
For instance in Monaco, a small-sized restaurant on a side street costs $100 (for four people) for great pasta, drinks, appetizers, and dessert (including tip). Not a bad price at all considering that Monaco is a very expensive city.

6. Metro vs. Taxi
Travel, Travelling, Vacation, discount, family, tourist, major attractions, metro, taxi, transportation

In most places, there is train system or metro which will be a lot economical than traveling by taxi. All you have to do is get a map and trace the route you're interested in visiting and find out the train or metro numbers you need to enter.

By planning your vacation way beforehand, selecting the best dates to travel (low season), doing research about attractions and places to visit, going to tourist-oriented restaurants versus local ones, and using the train system or metro instead of taxis, will save you a great deal of money and afford you the opportunity to go on vacation at least twice in a year.


  1. Hi, These are great tips and I will follow to see if it makes the difference. Thank you for sharing! Amalia