Lifestyle Vacation Club; should you join or not?

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Some of us may not admit it, but we all want to travel and visit new exciting places! We let the daily challenges of life put our travel plans on hold or remove it from our plans totally.Whether it's not knowing how to set up an awesome vacation,  financial challenges, or just the fear of traveling outside the comfort zone, I  want you to inform you that you can, and i will elucidate it through talking about lifestyle vacation clubs.

Why you should join a lifestyle vacation club.

The most important benefit is the value you get, most people want more value for their money which isn’t bad because we work hard for our money. Most lifestyle vacation clubs give a lot of value for your money; They have great vacation packages available at 4 and 5-star hotels or resorts at 2 and 3-star prices.  It's pretty awesome because they guarantee the lowest prices or you get a refund. I have to add they always add great incentives like for a trip to Disneyland, tickets to the park are included,  great seats given at a car race event, lift passes during your stay on a skiing trip. These are some great benefits I must say.

With our busy lives, Setting up a great vacation is often time-consuming. You need to figure out a place to go, confirm its availability during the time you are most likely to go, set up events and places to see plus many others. This can be done, but the added stress is not fun to do and can prevent you from taking that trip you want because its time consuming and a hassle. With a lifestyle vacation club the stress is taken away, just set up filters for the type of trip that you want, added inclusions you would prefer, people going with you, book the trip and boom! You are ready to go.

One great advantage as a member of a lifestyle club is the same trip will be available to other people thus you have people of like minds and similar interests to go on outings with you. Whether it’s a wine tasting tour in France, a trip to  Disneyland, a visit to the louvre or a 3-Hour Evening Boat Tour at the Bridges of Berlin, you can easily form friendships and break the ice knowing that you are all from the same lifestyle vacation club. This can also help overcome that fear of leaving your comfort zone to embark on a well-deserved vacation.

Online mall
In some lifestyle vacation clubs, there are certain perks like an online mall which is simply awesome.  You get to choose from over one thousand shops to make purchases online, and you get a percentage back in "travel dollars" which can be used either for flights, hotels or more depending on the lifestyle vacation club. The best part is you get to travel free if you shop online enough and accumulate plenty "travel dollars."

Cons of a lifestyle vacation club.

You dislike group activities
Some people aren’t comfortable partaking in group activities so they wouldn’t want to go on a trip where there are a number of other people doing the same thing. It is necessary to note that you don't have to take part in the group activities which could end up being a boring trip for you and whether you're on a trip alone or as a member of a lifestyle vacation club, there are bound to be people around. You'll have to pay a pretty hefty fee to get exclusive rights for just you and your family. Except you pay huge money, there are simply going to be other people doing the same things as you. So why not change your point of view.

They have pre-set dates
Most vacations of the lifestyle vacation club have dates fixed ahead of time. This happens because they book a huge amount of rooms from a hotel or resort at a particular time getting them massive discounts on the cost and they give those savings on to the club member. They offer as many preferences as they can for flexibility. So I ask you, wouldn't you be open to the notion of amending your vacation date's a little if it means getting discount of hundreds of dollars on your trip?

Membership fee
Most lifestyle vacation clubs have a membership fee. There will most likely be an initial set-up fee and a monthly fee after that. To get access to the great deals on vacations you have to pay a fee. But what some companies do is to turn it to an advantage by turning every dollar you spend, into an incentive of some sort, a benefit to you and your family. So actually the membership fee acts as a vacation savings account and looking at it this way turns it into an advantage.

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