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Most brides when choosing a wedding cake think colors, flowers, patterns and soon after are crafting the dream cake without first reminding themselves that its finally destined to be eaten by their reception guests!

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It is advisable for brides and grooms to first consider the cross section of the guests regarding the age range; older folk do prefer fruit cake, whereas younger people seem to go more for sponge cakes. The idea being, the choice here determines the size of the cake; you need about two-times the sponge cake to fruit cakes if you understand your guest list. It also affects which key design you will have available, as many designers of wedding cakes have reservations about assembling sponge cakes.

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Some of the issues associated with stacking sponge cakes include the suitability of sponge to 'pile' a cake on top as required in the stack design, and the problem of freshness; generally when icing a cake a good cake designer will have in mind the number of days which they will want the cake iced before putting final touch decorations, and with sponge cake this is essential to the freshness of the cake. When stacking it is important to ice a little harder as this makes up for the problems of accessibility given by stacking.

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