17 Amazing Travel Hacks for a pleasant Trip

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Use these Travel Hacks Before You Depart
1. Try booking a home rather than a hotel if traveling with a family. There are websites such as Airbnb offering private rooms and homes from people who are renting them away for better prices and comfort.

2. Roll your clothes when packing. Rolling instead of folding helps you to fit more things in your suitcase. Also, you can roll socks and underwear within your clothes.

3. Email your passport, itinerary and identification credit card, to yourself. It is necessary to have a copy in the event of robbery or loss.
4. Place a call to your credit or debit card company before you travel to ensure you have your card authorized for your foreign destination to prevent suspicion.

Travel Hacks for the Departure

5. Indulge online service if your flight is over six-and-a-half hours long. Furthermore, you can online to conclude any pending work related matter for the last time before you get to your destination.

6. Take a pen along with you to complete customs forms. You would not realize how important a pen is till you need one.

7. Dash for the bathroom about 20 minutes before you land to ease yourself and prevent struggling for restrooms when you disembark.

Travel Hacks for arrival

8. Sprint immediately for baggage claim after arrival.

9. Obtain local currency by your ATMs instead of Using money exchangers in the airport with their fees. ATMs always dish out local Forex so use your debit or credit cards when you arrive.

10. Make sure that you have a city guide like Yelp downloaded to find the most amazing local spots, eateries, and even sightseeing.

11. Go shopping for food as soon as you arrive. You need to get the basics like water and treats rather than getting it at a hotel.

12. Take out only the needs from your luggage when in your room to prevent the stress that comes with repacking or even forgetting an item.

Sightseeing the New Location

13. Use the local language as much as possible; this always works to your advantage. If possible carry a handbook of the local language as you go round the city.

14. Prepare a souvenir list and stick to it. This will enable you to save money and avoid unnecessary spending.

15. Eat at local restaurants only to save you more cash and experience and enjoy new and flavorful local cuisine dishes.

16.  “Do as Romans do in Italy” If the country directs modest dress, then dress modestly, if you are to remove your shoes before entering a temple, please do it. This ensures your safety as a foreigner.

Travel Hacks for arriving back home.

17. Unpack your luggage as soon as enter the door. It might be stressful because you are tired but you'll be happy you did it in the morning.

I hope these travel hacks can assist you the way they assisted me during my journey. Do you have any travel hack you know? Please share.

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