9 Ways to boost immune system

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A healthy immune system is responsible for protecting our body systems from infectious microorganisms and viruses. A breakdown of our immune system will affect us negatively which will make us ill, so it is necessary to know the various ways to boost your immune system if you’re don’t want to fall ill constantly.

1. Reduce Alcohol Consumption
Alcohol, unfortunately, does more harm than good and excessive consumption impairs the immune system and makes it vulnerable to several diseases.

2. Quit smoking
It weakens the body system and raises the risk of pneumonia and bronchitis in everyone. Smoking is bad for your immune system.

3. Sleep well.
 Getting adequate sleep is very important in boosting the immune system as the body wakes up refreshed and strong to carry out the day’s activities. Getting power naps is also very good. Sleep deprivation increases stress which also increases the hormone cortisol which suppresses immune function.

4. Healthy eating
Eating healthy foods goes a long way in boosting your immune system. Foods rich in vegetables, fruits, seeds, and nuts will provide your body system with the nutrients which your body needs. Research has proven that people who ate healthier had a stronger immune system than those who didn't and so healthy eating is extremely important to our body system because "you are what you eat."

5. Get some rays
Getting some sunshine is very important and triggers the skin's production of vitamin D which is very good for our immune system. Few foods contain this vitamin, and low vitamin D levels are linked to a greater risk of respiratory infection.

6. Eat mushrooms
Medicinal mushrooms to be precise. Mushrooms like shiitake and maitake are very good in enhancing the immune system. Recent studies showed that these mushrooms enhanced immune functioning in women with breast cancer.

7. Eat more Garlic
Garlic is good for our health and immune system as it is an anti-microbial agent which is an immune booster. When using, add it just before serving as cooking heat deactivates a key ingredient in garlic.

8. Yogurt
Yogurt is very good is boosting your immune system. When selecting yogurt look for ones that have "live and active cultures" printed on the label.

9. Green tea

Green tea is very popular because of its health benefit properties and its ability to help the immune system; green teas are packed with flavonoids which is a type of antioxidant that is good for the system. You can buy decaffeinated green tea which is extremely good.

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