7 ways to keep yourself awake

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Pulled an all-nighter to finish that assignment or report or partied all night and need to stay awake at the office? You might need some tips on how to keep yourself awake when you are sleepy and tired, take a look at these seven tips on how to stay awake when you are feeling sleepy and tired, and hopefully, they will help you in your situation.

1. Drink more water especially cold water
Drinking more water is a great way to stay alert when sleepy because if you are dehydrated you may feel more tired so it's necessary to drink enough water everyday especially cold water which helps you to refresh yourself.

2. Expose yourself to more sunlight
Natural sunlight is rich in vitamin D which is an effective mood booster and helps you to stay awake when you are feeling sleepy.

3. Listen to music
Music helps to remove your mind from sleeping and reduce tiredness by a notch. Listening to upbeat music makes you move some parts of your Body like tapping your foot, avoid listening to relaxation and slow music as these makes you sleep

4. Eat lightly.
Do not eat heavy meals as it does make you fall asleep quicker.Do not skip breakfast and ensure that you eat mini meals throughout the day that are rich in protein while avoiding energy drinks or coffee.

5. Move around
Every 30-60 minutes or so, do something physically active because sitting down for long periods won't help you stay awake. If possible go for a long walk but if your office and work won't allow you to far then at least take a walk to make a drink or to your coworker's desk so that you feel more alert.

6. Take a shower or a splash on your face.
Sometimes when you are working from home, and you need to stay awake, you can take a cold shower to wake up your system or if you are at work try splashing your face with cold water in order to stay awake and less sleepy

7. Take deep breaths

Deep breathing can also help you stay awake by raising oxygen levels in your body which aids mental performance and energy. To deep breathe you inhale to the abdomen, not the chest and then exhale. Try to do this quickly and as much as ten times. You can even do it while sitting at your desk or during lunch Break. This breathing exercise helps keep you awake and alert.

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