12 ways to lower blood pressure

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High blood pressure or hypertension is the Common cause of a majority of death all over the world, with our current lifestyle which involves a lot of stress and habits it's no wonder high blood pressure is now common. If we make healthy lifestyle choices and habits the rate of high blood pressure will definitely reduce. Here are 12 Ways to lower blood pressure to a healthier you.

1. Exercise often.
This is a major solution to high blood pressure. Exercise releases endorphins which help in relaxing and relieving the body and mind from stress and keeping you healthy and fit

2. Avoid sugar.
Sugar is a major cause of high blood pressure and increased sugar consumption in sodas and beverages is linked to increased blood pressure.

3. High potassium intake
Eating foods rich in potassium like potatoes are very good for your body and helps in lowering blood pressure drastically.

4. weight loss.
Shedding some pounds is also very important as excess body fat can raise blood pressure.

5. Sleep
It is extremely important to get adequate sleep as a lack of sleep has consequences like stress and high blood pressure. Sleep relaxes the body and mind so be sure to get enough rest and sleep every day.

6. Sunrays
Exposure to sunlight gives you vitamin D which is very good for your health and helps in lowering blood pressure.it also increases a production of a chemical called nitric oxide which relaxes our blood pressure.

7. Meditation
Meditation relaxes the nervous system, mind, and body and so is a good way to lower blood pressure.

8. Deep breathing
Deep breathing techniques have been found to relax the body and are part of many traditional practices like yoga. Constant practicing of deep breathing of about 3-4 times a week helps.

9. Vitamin C
Found in many fruits, it has been shown to improve arterial health in clinical studies modestly and makes us immune to a lot of heart diseases.

10. Fish
Eating fish is very good for our health because it contains health benefits of EPA and DHA, the polyunsaturated fats which help in lowering blood pressure

11. Avoid smoking
Smoking causes a lot of problems with the lungs and overall health, so its better avoided.

12. Reduce Alcohol

Excessive drinking is a cause of high blood pressure and if you must drink, have only a glass of red wine which is good for the heart.

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