How to make the best margarita

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Margarita is a great cocktail loved around the world for its characteristic luminosity and its sneakiness the world with roots that are as far back as the 1940s, margarita is essentially a variation of the sidecar which means it substitutes tequila for brandy, salt rim for sugar, lime juice for lemon, yet it is a completely different drink, more dignified and less plush than the following this simple natural margarita recipe with three main ingredients ,you will be able to make the best all natural margarita.

Getting the tequila:
In selecting the tequila to be used for the margarita, the tequila is determined by the amount you are willing to spend, sample different brands and types to change the flavor of your margaritas.

Selecting the Agave nectar:
It’s quite easy to find agave nectar now in most local health food stores and grocery. Some tequila brands have added it to their portfolio. There are different brands of margaritas while some brands offer a light, medium, dark and extra dark profile while some are certified can also get flavored nectars which can bring a new twist on your margarita cocktails and is the perfect compliment.

Choosing the limes:
In choosing the best limes for a magarita,the ripe, thin skinnes limes works best in a margarita and depending on how tart and sweet your limes are, you might need to adjust the quantity of agave nectar to find the perfect balance.

Margarita Ingredients
·         1.5oz Tequila 100% Agave
·         2tsp Agave Nectar
·         1oz fresh squeezed lime juice
·         Salt(optional)
·         Ice         
·         Cocktail glass

Recommended Tools
·         Lime squeezer
·         Cocktail shaker

Mix the contents, stir or swirl to dissolve Agave nectar, add enough ice to fill your cocktail glass, shake and serve. Garnish with lime wedge or wheel, salt glass rim (optional).
 There are different types of recipes for making margarita which brings out different flavors of the mixture.

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