How to make the best cookies

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Traditionally cookies are fairly simple and cookie making can be seen as an art and science. Different varieties of cookies all use basically the same dough with slightly different ingredients. However because cookies are so simple to make you must follow my help tips to ensure your homemade cookies are the best ever!
Helpful tips for making the best cookies ever! Yummy!

1. Use the right flour measurements
That's right! Measuring the flour correctly is very important for any baker in order to get the right not add too much flour as it can make your baked goods tough and dry, also do not overwork the dough, simply mix until the flour disappears.

2. Reduce flour by 3 tablespoons
Reduce the flour to make tender cookies that do not dry out after several days

3. Chill the dough
Chilling the dough before baking makes the dough easier to work with and helps softer doughs keep their shape, it also improves flavor and allows the dough relax a bit.

4. Preferably use a silicon rolling pin.
This rolling pin is preferable because it helps in rolling out your dough and cookies without using too much flour and your cookies tend to be much tender.

5. Use an oven thermometer
Make sure your oven has an accurate thermometer and bake cookies at a slightly lower temperature. With each set of cookies, reduce the baking time because of the increased humidity in the oven from the previous cookies.

6. Soften butter
You should soften butter by letting it stand at room temperature for some hours, you can also grate the butter in a bowl and they would soften in a few minutes however softening butter in a microwave oven is not advisable as a part of the butter melts which often alters the structure of the cookies.

7. Always use fresh ingredients.
Some of us do not bake all the time so our baking ingredients might be old. Always use fresh ingredients to make tasty cookies, buy new baking flour and powder, baking soda, spices, vanilla and sugar.

8. Baking times
Try to set the timer 2-3 mins less than the cookie time set in any recipe. You can take the cookie out of the oven when they are beginning to look done as under baked cookies are more tender and moist.

9. Use insulated cookie sheets.
An insulated sheet prevents your cookies from getting very brown at the bottom and makes your cookies to turn out evenly and perfectly every time.

10. Use cookie scoops
Use cookie scoops to evenly to make your cookies the same size.

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